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"Do Your Duty, Boys"
Spotsylvania Battlefield Education Association
Limited Edition Print




Brigadier General Thomas Francis Meagher and the 69th New York Volunteer Infantry.

Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862

The first rays of light filter through the early morning fog revealing ranks of men in blue drawn up along Water Street near the Fredericksburg city wharf. Columns of smoke rise from the burning town and the rumble of cannon from the heights west of the city combines with the crash of shells to mark the dawn of a day of battle. It is December 13, 1862 and the soldiers of the Army of the Potomac's famed Irish Brigade ready themselves to storm the Confederate entrenchments on Marye's Heights. Lacking their warn-torn Irish banners, sent home for replacements, the men placed sprigs of boxwood in their caps to mark them with the green badge of Erin. Riding down the line of the 69th New York is their commander, the former Irish revoluntionary Brigadier General Thomas Francis Meagher - "Meagher of the Sword" - accompanied by Division Commander Winfield Scott Hancock. Cheer after cheer echoes through the streets "each man ....aware of the great and terrible work before him."


This print includes portraits of seven officers, and printed below the image are the first and second pattern Irish colors of the 69th New York.

Image Size      20 3/4 " x 31 3/4"

Overall Size    26" x 35 3/4"

950 S/N Prints..........$175.00

Shipping and Handling   $20.00


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