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Vol 2 Issue 3 June 2002
Spotsylvania Battlefield Education Association
SBEA Board Sets Strategy For 2002

Volume 2 Issue 3

June 2002

Formed in late 1999, Spotsylvania Battlefield Education Association had been working with an informal Board of Advisors for the past two years. However, during that time, SBEA discovered there are tremendous historic preservation needs in Spotsylvania County. Due to these needs, SBEA elected to have an active Board of Associates who would assist in a very proactive stance.

The multi-talented, eleven member board was assembled in early 2002. The Association Board members are: John Cummings, Anne Ligon, James Anderson, Caroline DeMunnick, Karen Cummings, William Horn, Edward Bell, Merl Witt, Agnes McGee, Robert Hodge, and Kim Timmerman.

Together they have begun defining the Associations goals and discussing the best method of implementation.

Local civilians were tremendously impacted by the Civil War. How many women and children were left to fend for themselves? How did they survive?

There is quite a story here in this County and SBEA wants to assure this story is told in its full social, political and cultural context.

SBEA has national support with their goals. Author/historians Gordon Rhea, and William Matter endorse our efforts and have spoken many times on the importance of Myers Hill.

SBEA holds periodic education meetings that are free to the public. There have been meetings with diverse guest speakers. Topics have included archaeology, preservation, historical signification of areas in the County, and much more. SBEA has also hosted tours of battlefield areas.

SBEA has two board members who are currently working on securing grants for preservation and education projects in the County.

The board has developed fund raising to support these goals and to continue their efforts.

A committe has been formed to study and analyze the new County Comprehensive Plan along with the Water/Sewer Master Plan to forsee any possible effects they may have on the areas cultural resources.

SBEA is actively seeking members who want to support the preservation of our community. If each of us puts forth a little more effort towards these goals, then we will be able to provide a quality community to leave for future generations.

Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery 

The Monument to Confederate Dead at the Confederate Cemetery has been a landmark near the Court House since it was erected on May 12, 1918. The picture on top is from a circa 1920 postcard. The 2001 view at bottom was taken at a slightly different angle due to a large tree that has grown to the right of the monument.

Both photos courtesy John Cummings.

 Remember SBEA is sponsoring the

2nd Annual Antique Tractor Show

June 22 and 23, 2002 

at Spotsylvania Middle School.

Inside This Issue
SBEA Board Gets To Work
Robert Lee Hodge on
Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery
Story of Lost Historic Structure

Prominent Structure of 1860s Spotsylvania Gone Since 1930

On the tragic evening of July 13, 1930 this grand, L shaped structure was destroyed by arson. It was last the residence and law office of Commonwealth Attorney S. P. Powell. Built sometime in the 1850s it had survived the Civil War and during the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House was owned by local innkeeper Joseph Sanford. The property had been part of a 273 acre tract which sat in the north/west corner of the Brock Road and Courthouse Road intersection. Spotsylvania County offices now occupy the land next to Chewnings Store. In the bottom left photo the ruins of the house silhouette against the sky with the Old Spotswood Inn seen in the background. Below, an 1864 newspaper illustration shows the home to the far right in this panoramic view. The pre 1930 view at top left is courtesy of Catherine P. Miller who is S. P. Powells daughter and herself an area attorney. The family had been asleep on the upstairs porch when the fire broke out after midnight. The intense conflagration also destroyed Perrys corner store and Post Office.

1930s Ruins
1864 Newspaper Illustration

What will your membership in SBEA support?

1. Ongoing research and educational programs that will allow us to enrich our understanding of the conflict that defined who we are as a region and a nation.

2. The scientific study of sites through historical archaeology and the preservation of objects, artifacts and archives that document the military and civilian experience.

3. The future publication of a variety of materials that shall provide a lasting reference of the knowledge gathered by the Association.

4. Future interpretive trail systems and markers for military, domestic and commercial sites currently neglected.

Yes! Please put me down as a new member in the SBEA.

SBEA Membership Form

Wonderful things happen when communities take stock of their historic resources and put them to work for the public. Preservation generates civic pride, spurs economic development, generates tourism and educates people about their local heritage.