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What Can You Do?
Spotsylvania Battlefield Education Association

What you can do to help:

The Coalition to Save Chancellorsville Battlefield is encouraging the public to write to Spotsylvania County officials. Let them know how important Chancellorsville Battlefield is to both the nation and local quality of life. Spotsylvania County residents in particular are enouraged to make their voices heard.

Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors: It will be the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors who will make the final decision about the rezoning of the 790-acre Mullins Farm. The vote will be made sometime in early fall. However, they need to be convinced of the overwhelming opposition against the Dogwood Development NOW, well before they vote.

Spotsylvania County Planning Board: The Spotsylvania County Planning Board will make the initial decision for the county to move forward with the rezoning of the Mullins Farm. This vote will like occur in early September. They need to be contacted IMMEDIATELY and urged to vote against the enormous Dogwood development project.

In addition, the coalition suggests writing similar letters to local newpapers. Let their editors know the importance of saving hallowed battlegrounds.

SBEA, PO Box 1964, Spotsylvania, VA  22553