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Basket Bingo Prize List
Spotsylvania Battlefield Education Association

Regular Game #1

Proudly American Darning Basket

Regular Game #2

Little Market Basket Set

Regular Game #3
2004 Hostess Appreciation Basket

Regular Game #4

Helper Basket Set

Regular Game #5

Bouquet Basket Set

Regular Game #6
9" Bowl Basket

Regular Game #7

Small Fruit Basket Set

Regular Game #8

Proudly American Button Basket

Regular Game #9

Salt & Pepper Basket & Shakers

Regular Game #10

Spring Basket Set

Regular Game #11

Bagel Basket

Regular Game #12

 Medium Key Basket

Regular Game #13


Regular Game #14

Salt & Pepper Basket & Shakers

Regular Game #15

2004 Sweetheart Basket Set

 Big Raffle

Canister Basket set: Includes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large Canister Baskets, Sealable Protectors, WoodCrafts Lids and Pewter Tie-Ons.  Over $400 Value!!!


Small Raffle 

Countertop Corner Basket Set.  Includes: Small Corner Basket, Liner, WoodCrafts Lid, Lidded Protector, Wrought Iron Stand & WoodCrafts Shelf. Plus Soap Dispenser, 1-pint Crock & Candle Set!!


 Special Game #1

Ice Bucket Basket Set: Includes Ice Bucket Basket, Insulated Lidded Protector, WoodCrafts Lid and Pewter Tie-On.

  Special Game #2
2003 Christmas Collection Caroling Basket Set: Includes Basket, American Holly Liner, Protector and the Woven Drum Crock. 


Special Game #3

Road Trip Basket Set. Includes: Small Gathering Basket, 5-way Divided Protector and the Road Trip Lid.


Special Game #4

Proudly American Little Star Basket Set. Includes: the Proudly American Little Star Basket, Indigo Stand-Up Liner, Protector and the Proudly American Star Dish.

Door Prize #1

Saffron Basket


Door Prize #2

Tea Basket


Door Prize #3

Small Berry Basket


Door Prize #4

Tea Basket


Door Prize #5

Small Berry Basket


Door Prize #6

Tea Basket


Door Prize #7

Tarragon Basket


Consolation Prize #1

Ex Sm Gatehouse


Consolation Prize #2

Cilantro Basket


Consolation Prize #3

Ex Sm Gatehouse


NOTE:  Prizes subject to
change due to availability

Longaberger and the other basket and collections names are the property of The Longaberger Company.  This fundraiser is in no way connected with or sponsored by The Longaberger Company.